Tight back?

Struggling with rotation in your swing?

Looking to hit the ball further?

GP1 is for you!

Being located at The Vines Golf Club in Western Australia, I work with golfers every day and have had great success helping players get through their rounds with more comfort, more power and more flexibility.

Now you too can enjoy your game more and take it to the next level in just 28 days.

The GP1 includes

  • 28 days of specifically designed exercises and movements
  • 7 days focusing on improving flexibility
  • 7 days focusing on increasing your core strength
  • 7 days focusing on making your shoulder mobility perfect
  • 7 days focusing on creating hip mobility you never thought could happen
  • Every day has specifically allocated repetitions, sets and rest periods
  • Each movement and exercise has a video demonstration and explanation to ensure you move correctly
  • Every day can be completed in under 15 minutes
  • BONUS- The best warm up to do before your round of golf to make sure you start optimally
  • PLUS- direct email access to me if you have any questions about the program or your movements
  • PLUS+You own the program for life- giving you the tools to play the game you love for as long as possible, really well.

Far too often players push through niggles due to the love of the game.

Those niggles appear when something is not right in the human body

But there is always something that can be done to relieve the discomfort.

Sometimes muscles need to be stronger.

Other times, muscles need to have better range of movement.

This also applies to creating more power.

Some muscles need to be strengthened,

While other muscles need to be lengthened.

GP1 covers it all.

It will help to make your body balanced, flexible and strong so that can hit the ball further.

And when you sink that final putt on the 18th, you can pick your ball up out of the hole feeling free and comfortable (making the 19th hole even more enjoyable)

I’m sure you’ve seen programs like this and you have to commit to a monthly fee to continue your improvement.

The GP1 is a once off fee then you will have access for life.

The first time you go through the program you will be at your tightest.

You will be at you weakest but things will change- quickly.

And after you put in the work for 28 days you will have a new baseline.

With access for life, you can repeat the days that your body needs more of- if you choose to.

You can repeat the whole program whenever you want more results- if you choose to.

OR if you just go through once and it fixes everything and you feel great- perfect (and likely)

Whatever your body needs to play better golf

Whatever your body needs to enjoy the game with no discomfort

The OPTION is yours with access to GP1.


  1. Click Buy Now below
  2. Enter details and make your purchase of GP1
  3. You will redirected to a page where you enter you email address
  4. You will then be emailed the program (please double check your junk mail)
  5. You can download the program and it’s your for life

Annual access to some programs can cost $600

GP1 Normal Price: $109AUD

GP1 Price Today: $49AUD