The Stretch Therapist - Jamie Jones

In my role as Stretch Specialist, I have one simple goal and my approach is proven. I want your body to move and be as flexible as possible through a comfortable assisted stretch. No heavy lifting, no strenuous exercise, just comfortable, easy stretching motions designed to make you feel great.


When you arrive at the stunning Vines Resort in the Swan Valley, I will be there to greet you personally. My name is Jamie and I’ll be taking care of you on your journey.


The first step to achieving your goal is to determine how your body feels and what areas you are most concerned about. A simple questionnaire will be provided for you to fill out. Once this has been completed, I will consult with you and check your posture and alignment.


From there, it’s on to the stretch mat, where comforting stretching motions will be performed to unlock muscles’ movement and ease painful knots. Generally, this takes 30 minutes to perform, as we gradually stretch your muscles a little further as we go along.


After completing the exercise, you will feel fantastic… I guarantee it.


Click HERE to view who and what stretch therapy can help with.